How to Turn Your Garage into a Rental Property

Who says garages are just meant for cars and lawnmowers? Why not transform your garage space into a rental unit? Before you start knocking down walls, check out these 3 tips to ensure you are going about the process the right way.

  1. Find Out The Rules and Regulations

Contact the town or city that you live in to find out if your property is legally allowed to undergo a conversion. You can easily check city zoning laws to see if there are any restrictions preventing you from building on the property and/or renting it out to tenants.

  1. Hire A Contractor To Take Care Of The Technical Details

In order to turn your garage into a functional living area, you will need to hire a Contractor to determine what technical factors need to be incorporated into your design plan. For example, you may need to raise the floor or knock down certain walls to accommodate electrical and plumbing plans.

  1. Install All Finishes

Remember, garages are typically darkly lit spaces so opening them up with lots of natural light will make your property very appealing to renters. Make sure you install lots of big windows that have curtains for privacy. Next, determine what type of flooring you are going to install in your new unit. Simply paining your garage floor isn’t enough; research different hardwood, laminate and carpet flooring options to ensure renters feel like they’re in a home and not a garage.

Once you have created the perfect garage rental unit, contact our team at Performance Property Management and let us find you the tenant of your dreams!