The Pro’s of Having a Realtor By Your Side

As of recent the price difference between new and re-sale condos has narrowed and the pre-construction market has become much more saturated. Unfortunately many choose to buy pre-construction condos directly through the sales office. I would like to bring to your attention the positives of having a realtor by your side when surveying the Toronto Condo Bubble.

  1. Project Comparison

Realtors are in a position to compare projects and advise you, the buyer, on which ones best suit your needs. They also can advice you on which units have the most potential for price appreciation and the basis for good rental rates.

  1. Negotiation

While prices for new projects are not negotiable, we can advise and help you to negotiate on upgrades, deposit schedules capping closing costs payable to the builder and much more

  1. First Dibs

Most successful projects are more than 50 percent sold before they even reach the public. Find a Realtor with Platinum or VIP privileges. Developers start with the lowest price at the outset and they raise their prices in stages. Buy at the end of the project and you will pay more.

  1. Unit Surveying

The floor plans, views, exposure, and finishes are all essential and critical elements in making the right purchasing decision. These factors are what helps achieve strong growth and value added over time.

  1. Best Interest

When you visit a new condo project, the sales person on site is hired to work for the interest of the developer. Who is working for you? If you go alone your interests are ignored and sales tactics

  1. Free of Charge

If you hire a Realtor to work for you and use their expertise it costs you nothing. The developer, in turn pays the commission.