2 Reasons Why Open Concept is the Best

Open concept has been around for years but lately it has taken the real estate world by storm leaving

more and more home owners opting for this airy, light-filled, beautifully flowing design concept. Read

on to find out why we are such huge fans of everything open concept!


1. Open Concept Brings Families Together

For some the family room or living room are the heart of the home but more and more homeowners are

opting to make the kitchen the main gathering place to entertain, eat and engage in daily conversation.

Open kitchens help keep family members connected and in touch during meal preparation time – wile

the cook works away, they are able to engage with family members in conjoining rooms of the house.

This isn’t possible with a closed kitchen. An open concept kitchen is a great way to bring the family

together and open dialogue which isn’t easily accomplished in a traditional, closed off living space.


2. Parents Love Open Concept

Being a parent is a lot of work and keeping an eye on the little ones while cooking, cleaning or helping

the other children with homework is a full time job in itself. Having a kitchen space that opens to a living

space and a dining space makes the whole parental thing a lot easier by being able to keep tabs on the

kids at all times. Not to mention, it gives them a lot of space to play in. Supervised play is easily

accomplished with this free-flowing design plan. It’s kind of like having an extra set of eyes and what

parent doesn’t want that, right?


Open concept is an ideal design idea for families looking to come together in a communal area of the

house. It also makes it easy to keep tabs on little ones during busy day to day tasks. It creates an airy,

naturally lit area that flows beautifully which is also perfect for entertaining guests. This being said, bring

on the dinner parties!