3 Ways to Modernize Your Home

Although we can agree that there’s something charming about an old home’s character, if it makes you

feel like you are stuck inside another decade or century, then it’s time for a change. Whether you’re

looking to refresh your home, or prep it for the real estate market these 3 useful tips can help you

modernize your home and give it the facelift it needs.


1. Learn to Love Open Concept

Typically, older homes tend to have smaller rooms that are often closed off from the other rooms in the

house. This creates a lack of flow and open space, making the home feel smaller than it truly is. One of

the most useful ways to maximize this wasted space is to remove non load-bearing walls to encourage

the flow of natural light throughout the home. Removing unnecessary walls creates beautiful open

concept living spaces that encourage sociable living while allowing you to make the most of wasted



2. Install Floating Shelving Units

When it comes to modernizing a space, streamlining is everything. So, what better way to accomplish

this than by streamlining your walls? A floating book shelf or storage unit is a great way to eliminate

clutter on your floors and draw the eye up the walls of your room. But remember – always opt for art

pieces that incorporate a more natural colour palette. Integrating too many bright colours can make the

room look messy and confused.


3. Hang Mirrors On the Walls

Mirrors are a perfect way to open up any living space, not to mention they are totally in style. Also, they

are super easy to come by second-hand. You would be surprised by the number of unique mirrors you

could find at local thrift stores, garage sales and antique shops. Did we mention that they are pretty

inexpensive too? Bonus!


So remember, although old homes are charming and beautiful and give you a sense of nostalgia,

modernizing your space can work wonders and bring your home into the right decade (or century!)

Follow these tips and we promise, you can’t go wrong!