3 Things Home Buyers Should Look for In a Neighbourhood


One of the biggest factors to consider when moving is your travel distance to and from work and how the commute will impact your daily schedule. Is the neighbourhood you are looking at accessible by public transit? Does the bus or subway schedule align with the hours you travel to and from work? If you are considering moving to a bedroom community and traveling to the city by car, do not underestimate time spent in rush hour traffic. Be realistic about travel time and determine if relocating is worth the time and money spent in transit or traffic.


The location and quality of schools is critical for parents and expecting parents to consider when neighbourhood hunting. Will your children be attending elementary school and transitioning to high school while living in the neighbourhood? Are you interested in Catholic or private schools? Your children will be spending a lot of time in school, so knowing what the daily commute is like is important. Are the right schools accessible by walking or bus? Will you have to drop off and pick up your kids by car? These are all valuable questions to consider.


Ask yourself what you need access to as for as local businesses. Is your bank or preferred grocery store close to your neighbourhood? Is it important to be close to the mall or to a coffee shop with Wi-Fi? These smaller details of selecting a neighbourhood are often overlooked until you move in and realize something is missing.

To make sure you get everything you want in a new neighbourhood, simply make a list of “musts” that include schools, shopping centres, restaurants, gyms, parks, playgrounds and anything else you need. Your new neighbourhood will enhance and compliment your life if you do the research to make sure it is the right fit for you and your family.