2 Things Real Estate Developers Learn from Property Management Companies


When Real Estate Developers and Property Management Companies join forces, the sky is the limit. Here are two things that Developers gain by working with businesses like Performance Property Management:

  1. Knowing What Owners Truly Value

The role of a Developer is to identify attractive development opportunities, source prime land, obtain financing, put together teams of architects, engineers, builders, and assist in the planning, building and marketing of a development. Developers have a specific vision when it comes to building houses, condos, apartments and commercial properties that rely heavily on their target markets. Knowing who these potential buyers are and what they want is key.

This is where Property Management Companies come into play.  The job of a Property Management Company is to share this unique vision and help Developers understand the wants and needs of potential buyers. Property Management Companies are valuable in that they work with property owners daily, engage face to face with new buyers and listen to customer complaints, feedback and suggestions. Property Management Companies know exactly what the owners value and this is critical data that Developers can benefit from.

  1. Knowing How to Cut Development Costs and Enhance Lifestyle

Being in constant communication with property owners allows Property Management Companies to learn which elements of the developer’s vision enhances the lifestyle of the owner and which do not.

Developers that utilize a Property Management Company’s guidance through the planning and building process can drastically cut costs and make better choices that create more value for the owners. By listening to advice from a Property Management Company about things like amenities and community trends, the developer can avoid negative, high-cost decisions.

A successful Property Management Company knows every positive and negative aspect of the property they manage as it relates to the owner’s quality of life from being constantly in direct communication with the owners. Smart developers utilize this critical data by partnering with companies like Performance Property Management through each stage of project.