8 Things To Get Rid of Right … NOW!

  1. Old Newspapers

When is the last time you feathered through the pile of newspaper that you have put on the bottom of your priority list? The pile has lost all significance as time rolls on. It would come in handy if you had a fireplace or, actually got down to business and read the hard copies. A paperless solution is looking up the articles online, as now everything is archived – it is most definitely there.

  1. Fridge Pin-ups

Old receipts? Points that you promised yourself that you would call air miles to add to your tab ..last week’s grocery list, a printed recipe you tried last month, or the interesting article you found last year can all be taken down now. If you haven’t thought about it in over 6 months, it’s time to clean up that fridge jumble and clear the clutter.

  1. Ancient Electronics

Remote controls, your first flip-phone, chargers, cords – you see where this is going. You’ve since upgraded and might think you’re being organized by leaving them in a box in the basement. You’re really just inviting extra, unwanted clutter. Electronics don’t need to be dumped in the trash…another man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Take a couple minutes when your are creeping profiles on Facebook and have someone come and pick up the goods.

  1. Outdated office supplies

If you tried you could probably find at least 20 dried up markers, pens, hi-lighters laying around your pad. Most of societies work is now done from their laptops, tablets etc. Time to de-clutter and rid those un-used notebooks, note pads which have served no purpose.

  1. Old Mugs

Past jobs, gifts, and flash sales have left you with an over abundance of coffee and tea mugs that are now being crammed into every drawer, shelf, and crevice of your kitchen. Which ones are our go-to’s? Keep those. Toss the rest.

  1. Bedding and beyond

If your linens are still comprised of old duvets from sleepover camp, college dorms, twin bedding that no longer has a twin bed, or some version of all of these…you know the drill.

  1. Tupperware Plastic

Tupperware tends to build up in the kitchen like it’s nobody’s business. Rule of thumb: invest in a fresh supply every couple of years. As for the old ones? No need to be hanging out in a drawer for fun. Image:

  1. Expired Food

Need we expand? Get rid of it!