Living Small: Two Factors to Consider Before Going Tiny

As we all know tiny living is the latest fad to hit the real estate world. From Canada to the United States,

more and more home owners are opting to downsize in order to save big and get rid of their monstrous

mortgages. Think you got what it takes to go tiny at 140-300 square feet? Check out these two factors to

consider when determining whether a serene, small space is your thing.


1. How Tiny Is It Really?

Given the small dimensions of a tiny home, it is important to know that a typical home of this size comes

equipped with a main room comprising of a work and living space, a bathroom, kitchen and a loft

bedroom. Sounds pretty great right? Well it is, as long as you are willing to opt for a lot of storage and

multi-functional furniture that transform into storage units.

A galley kitchen is a great use of space that spreads the sink and stove top appliances out making a more

functional cooking area to work in.


2. How to Make It Feel Bigger

What’s the best way to open up a small space? Plenty of windows and skylights in the loft bedroom of

course! Not only do skylights provide a lot of natural light into your tiny home, it also creates great air

flow so you can enjoy the beautiful breeze at night. Think of a treehouse! Remember, windows,

windows and more windows when it comes to opening up a tiny living area to give you the illusion you

are in a bigger area.


People seem to have a lot of hesitations and misconceptions when it comes to tiny living because we

live in a world where we all dream of having the biggest homes and extravagant properties – but given

these two factors do you think you could make the switch and stand out from the rest?