To Fix or Forget: What Home Improvements Should I Tend to Before Moving?

What do you do when you are looking to list your home for sale and your mind is running in circles

trying to figure out what parts of the house you have to renovate, paint, update or just forget about

altogether? This blog can help you find that clarity by determining which home improvements are

necessary and which ones are not.


Cosmetic Finishes 101

Looking to get rid of your hard wood floors to install carpet or paint your walls a colour of your choice?

Think twice before making these big decisions and ask yourself whether or not you know the buyers

taste and style – chances are, you don’t. Don’t put a ton of money into cosmetic finishes if you aren’t

positive that it will increase the value of your home or make your property look more appealing to

potential buyers. Many sellers spend a fortune on brand new lighting and doors throughout the home

and later learn that the buyer has removed all of these features upon purchasing it. If your front door is

not damaged do not replace it, if your dining room chandelier is working, keep it.

However, if your house is painted bright purple, consult a professional painter and determine a more

neutral colour that may improve the curb appeal of your home. Ask yourself, “would most people paint

their house purple?” If the answer is no, which it is – then make this change accordingly.


Must-Have Fixes

There are certain fixes that you must make throughout your home before listing such as broken

windows, shattered garage doors, leaky roof, plumbing issues and electrical problems. Anything that

would cause concern for the buyer or seen as a possible liability must be fixed before listing. Ask

yourself if you would move into a home and invest in a property that had any of these issues – chances

are you would not.


Knowing which home improvement issues to tackle and which ones to avoid are critical in the home

selling process. Follow this advice and leave the stress behind!