Performance Property Management prides itself on its ability to not only provide unmatched service but provide its employees with the best possible work life balance in the industry.

The Performance Property Management Story

Before I started this business, I worked in the corporate world. I worked for Canon Canada and quickly advanced on the sales side of the business. After gaining some invaluable experience with Canon, I was recruited and hired by a restoration company as a regional manager to lead an Ontario office. During this time, I learned a lot and enjoyed the fast-paced lifestyle of a sales position. However, at this point in my life, I was beginning to feel as though I had missed out on some true-life experiences and was in search of an adventure. After some soul searching, I quit my job, traded in my suit and condo for board shorts and a caravan and booked a one-way ticket to Australia.
Without knowing this at the time, this life change was the start to Performance Property Management as we know it today. When I was in the process of moving overseas to start my travels, the first thing I needed to do was rent out my downtown Toronto Condo. After advertising my unit, I received a flood of responses from real estate agents trying to solicit my business. Not knowing much about the industry, I met with a few companies and agents to see what they could offer me. I immediately noticed that besides the sales pitch the offerings were identical. Sure, they might have been able to find me a qualified tenant through listings on MLS, however once a tenant was found their job was done, I was left to deal with the collections of rent, 10pm phone calls (which was now 6am), maintenance issues and reviews of the property. Additionally, if the tenant left after 6 months, I would have to pay an additional fee to find another tenant. The biggest issue I found was that insurance companies would not insure my property without a designated individual living in the province.
Given that at the time this was the only option I had available to me I had to take it. I rented with an agent and called in favours from family members to handle tenant and maintenance issues. While living abroad, not only did my passion for travel grow but so did my interest in business development and real estate.
While traveling, I was constantly thinking about why there was no additional option for individuals like me who wanted to invest in real estate but did not want to deal with the hassle of maintenance issues, NSF cheques and problem tenants. These thoughts continued to pop into my head with every nagging email and building management complaint that I received from my Toronto rental property.
This is where Performance Property Management started. My goal from the very beginning was to change the way people looked at investment properties, rentals and the management of a major investment. The goal was never to eliminate the need for agents but to give consumers another option. Today Performance Property Management is recognized as a leading company in Toronto and was ranked #1 by TorontoPropertyManager.com.

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