When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Looking to sell your home but worried that you may not be listing it during the right time of year? Relax because our team at Performance Property Management has you covered. The truth is, certain seasons are more favourable for selling than others. Read on to find out when to make your move into the competitive real estate market.

Typically, spring is the best time of year to list and sell a detached family home, followed by early to mid fall. After a long, cold Canadian winter the fresh cherry blossoms and green leaves trigger the “moving bug” in a lot of people. Buyers are attracted to the idea of a fresh start and associate this change with the season. Not to mention, the warmer weather makes it a lot easier to prepare your home for the market both internally and externally. Projects such as painting and gardening can be achieved a lot easier without cold weather. Just remember, when you are looking to sell at the busiest time of the year your competition is a lot higher, so ensuring your home looks its best is key.

Summer is typically a very slow time for the real estate market because families are busy enjoying the warm weather and vacationing. The last thing home owners are wanting to do is prepare their home for showings and open houses. The same can be said for the month of December and the holiday season.

The truth is, if you price your home right, give it the facelift it needs and list at the right time of year, you can only set yourself up for success. Good luck home owners!