Why “Custom” Property Management Is the New Standard

Performance Property Management was established almost a decade ago and has become one of Toronto’s largest full service property management companies. With a reputation like ours, it only makes sense to highlight one of the many reasons why they stand out against the competition.

The old “cookie-cutter” model of Property Management still used by mega PM companies like Brookfield and FirstService insists that one size fits all. Performance Property Management rejects this old way of thinking. Real estate Developers understand that each community is unique and requires a “custom” property management strategy to succeed and grow. Understanding the needs and wants of potential buyers and investors is key. Performance Property Management specializes in connecting Developers to buyers with these specific needs in mind.

The downfall of the “cookie-cutter” model is it lacks adaptability and treats high-rise condominium corporations the same way it treats smaller townhouse condominiums. These mega PM companies absorb so many projects that they inevitably lose sight of the specific needs of each client. The result is poor customer care and unnecessary high costs. The solution to this problem is the new “custom” model which Performance Property Management stands behind.

At Performance Property Management we redefining the industry by offering custom PM packages that adapt to the needs and budget of each client. The obvious benefits are dramatically reduced costs and much higher levels of commitment and customer care. PM companies still using the old “cookie-cutter” model cannot offer their clients the same promise. They have lost sight of their clients in their obsession to simplify and automate their workflow. They are all about numbers, not customer service and efficiency.

Performance Property Management will never lose sight of their clients and continue to put their needs at the forefront of their business.