2 Major Reasons Out-Of-Country Landlords Need a Property Manager

Like in any long-distance relationship, communication can often be difficult. For out-of-country landlords who must manage their properties by phone and email, it is easy to miss important details which can turn into bad decisions which could ultimately cost money in the long run. Here are 2 reasons to contact us at Performance Property Management if you are an out-of-country landlord interested in having your property managed remotely.

We Can Screen Applicants Better

Securing quality tenants is the key to renting out your property. Quality tenants tend to pay on time, maintain your property’s value, and generally cause less problems than lesser tenants. How can you properly screen a potential renter in Toronto when you live in Arizona, you ask? At Performance Property Management, we screen your potential tenants based on credit score, income statement, job letter, references, and pet status. You won’t have to worry about missing crucial details that could land you with a low-quality tenant.

We Handle More Than Collecting Rent

From another country, it is nearly impossible to handle all the challenges of being a landlord by yourself. That’s why you need a local PM to keep watch and make sure everything is running smoothly so your tenant is happy and you’re getting the most out of your investment. At Performance PM, we handle all tenant issues because you have better things to do than deal with a call about a broken fridge light from another time zone at midnight. We take care of rent collection, monthly statements and yearly financials, all maintenance issues, and we can even have your property listed within 48 hours.

To learn more about how we help out-of-country landlords make the most out of their property investments, head over to http://performancepropertymanagement.ca/services/property-owners/ and drop us a line.