3 Ways to Attract New Tenants Using Social Media

Social media rules the marketing world. This being said, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are extremely beneficial for Landlords looking to secure tenants. It is super simple to get started. Here are 3 tips for attracting new tenants using social media.


  1. The Visual Power of Instagram

More than 30% of Millennials use Instagram. That is more than 600 million people! Instagram is a picture-based social media platform, meaning it is ruled by photos and short videos. Potential tenants looking on Instagram to rent want to see slick and professional looking images of the property, or a quick video walk-through.

Ensuring your photos are high quality is easy with Instagram’s built-in photo editing software and filters. Make sure to always use the text space beneath the photo to include all relevant listing details about the photo and property you are advertising.


  1. Facebook’s Targeted Advertising

With over a billion people on Facebook, there is plenty of opportunity to be seen by someone that might be interested in renting your property. At a very reasonable cost, Facebook allows you to advertise your property by choosing a specific target demographic, audience and region to advertise in.

You can also utilize Facebook Insights which provides you with detailed data about who is clicking on your ad and how your money is being spent.


  1. Hashtag to Help Your Tenants Find You

Hashtags make you searchable. Whether you are posting on Twitter or Instagram, adding specific hashtags to the bottom of your post allows users searching for the exact same hashtag to find your post.

Remember, you must be strategic with your hashtags. If you are renting out an apartment in Toronto, you might hashtag the following: #TorontoApartmentForRent, #TorontoRealEstate, #TorontoRental. Once you have a small following on social media, you can then come up with a custom hashtag that your followers can search to find all your posts in one place. Simple, right?

Social media is not a passing fad, it is the biggest marketing tool of all time and it’s only growing. To learn the basics and get started on these 3 platforms puts you in front of not only your target audience, but the world!