3 Of the Most Common Tenant Complaints

The Rental Isn’t Clean Enough Upon Moving In

It is rare that a tenant, who is moving out, leaves the rental move-in-ready for the next tenant. The simple solution to this problem is hiring a professional cleaning service to get it back to 100% clean. If you don’t want to pay a cleaning company than just make sure you clean it yourself just as thoroughly. Moving into a new place that isn’t totally clean will make your tenants think less of your professionalism.

The Rental is Too Loud

A noisy neighbour is common. Tenants should confront complaint situations with the noise making tenant themselves. If the noise maker is not a tenant of yours, it’s a good idea to contact the landlord of the noise maker and ask them to resolve it. Otherwise, you can approach the tenant yourself. Just make sure your tenant knows you’re taking the issue seriously.

The Rental Unit Needs To Be Painted

As a Landlord, you must decide whether you are against allowing tenants to paint your unit or if you are going to let them paint it is as they wish provided they re-paint it back to the original colour at the end of the lease. A good compromise with your tenant can be agreeing to any colour but the tenant agrees to repaint at the end of the lease, or limiting the surface area you are willing to let them paint.

There are probably 10 more constantly issued complaints from tenants that landlords and property managers hear every day. Reach out to Performance Property Management if you’d rather let professionals handle your complaints.