3 Tips for Getting Ready to Rent out Your Cottage

Cottage season is a time of great opportunity for cottage owners and investors. People are happy to pay premium prices for a chance to relax with family and friends for a week in the nice weather. If you’re looking to rent out your cottage, follow these tips to make sure you’re attracting tenants the right way.

Make It Safe

Cottagers are more often than not, families. To make your cottage work for your main demographic, it has to be safe enough for children. Inspecting dock gates, the deck, stair railings and shower mats is a good place to start. Pay special attention to the fire pit and make sure it’s well protected from the yard and trees.

Offer Technology

When renters are in search of a cottage in the summer, they always prefer a retreat that provides them with technology such as Wi-Fi and TV over one that does not. If your tenants can access Netflix during their visit and hook up their children’s Play Station system, you will have better success renting out your cottage.

Get Professional Help

Did you know that many cottage owners and investors are partnering with property management companies to make the entire process a lot easier? If you’re thinking of renting your cottage contact Performance Property Management through our website and we’ll help you get it done.