3 Ways to Make Your Rental Property Attractive To Tenants

Too often, landlords show potential tenants their rental, and wonder why they couldn’t close the deal. Often, there is a simple and aesthetic solution.¬†Consider these 3 factors before showing your home in order to boost your chances of securing a great tenant.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, and the exterior of your property is what potential tenants will be judging first. If the outside of the home looks great, the potential tenants will come inside already feeling positive. However, landlords that skimp or neglect the element of curb appeal, have less success renting, even if the inside is beautiful. Mastering curb appeal can be as simple as a kept lawn, freshly painted window frames and door, and some potted plants or flowers at the entrance. It won’t cost much and it will get your home rented fast.


Make sure the paint job in your rental is both fresh, and neutral. Tenants want to see that you treat your property with great care, and a fresh paint job says that. Keep your paint colour choice neutral and go with off-white, white, or eggshell. Tenants want to be able to envision the home the way they want to see it, and if the kitchen is purple, it may not match the taste of the tenant.


The bathroom is possibly the most important room in the home for getting it rented. The shower and toilet have to be modern, clean, and fully operational. A good way to instantly turn a potential tenant off your property is to show them an old half-broken shower head or a discoloured toilet. Spend the money to update these things to greatly increase your chances of renting.

You can exponentially increase your chances of renting your property to quality tenants by simply making sure your property appears to be cared for and updated. It doesn’t cost a lot, but the return on investment will be obvious.