4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Landlords

Spring is officially here, so it is time to open the windows and clean out all those dusty nooks and crannies that we avoided during the winter months. For landlords, maintaining both the interior and exterior of a property is important. If you are a landlord, then use this checklist to stay on top of all maintenance issues to ensure your tenants are happy.

  1. Remove Snow Supplies

During the winter months, many landlords set out salt, shovels and anti-slip rubber mats to deal with ice. It is important to remove these from the property in spring as they reduce curb appeal. Not to mention rubber mats can rot underneath.

  1. Check For Water Damage and Foundation Issues

Make sure you complete a full exterior and interior house inspection to ensure the indoor walls and ceiling are not water stained or damaged. Also, take a look at all gutters to ensure they are still properly secured to the roof and working efficiently.  Remember to take a walk around the exterior of the property to look for ice damage. Keep your eyes open for any sand at the base of a stone wall as this could be a sign that the mortar has fallen apart.

  1. Check That All Screens Are Intact

Ensure that all windows and doors have not been damaged due to falling ice and heavy snow fall. Some landlords remove their screens during winter, so always remember to put them back on at the beginning of spring.

  1. Repair Serious Driveway Cracks

Winter takes a heavy toll on our driveways, outdoor patios and steps due to heavy snowfall, lots of shovelling and continuous plowing. Ensure that all serious cracks and holes are filled in as soon as the warm weather hits. The last thing you want is a tenant twisting their ankle while walking up your driveway!

In order to keep your tenants happy and maintain the value of your property, make sure to follow this checklist each spring and avoid hassle! If you are looking to outsource the management of your property altogether, then visit us online at www.performancepm.com to see what we can do for you.