Get More Families in Your Rental Properties: 3 Tips for Investors

Families make amazing renters because they value stability making them less likely to uproot and move as frequently as younger tenants do. In order to attract this highly sought-after demographic of renter, focus your marketing efforts in the following 3 ways, or simply let us at Performance Property Management handle it for you!


  1. Nearby Necessities

Understanding what families look for in a neighbourhood is important when targeting this demographic of renter. For example, unlike career focused 20 year-olds interested in the gym, public transit and the hippest bars, families typically want to live close to good schools, a pharmacy, grocery store and lots of green spaces for their children to play at. Make sure you’re grabbing the right tenants by leveraging these nearby necessities.


  1. Security & Safety

Security is something you might graze past when showing your property to renters in their early 20’s, but it’s critical for a family with small children. Highlight easy to overlook features like new windows, new locks, security cameras in or outside the building, a 24 hour concierge, and the nearest police and fire stations. Giving your tenants peace of mind is always a must!


  1. Outdoor Spaces

An outdoor play area for the kids is a crucial element for family renters. Fun, exercise, and fresh air are all found outdoors. Focus your marketing on the features of the property that highlight the outdoors such as the back yard, a fenced in play area, bike and toy storage, the garage, nature trails etc. These factors are invaluable to a growing family.

Marketing to families really only requires you to look at the aspects of your property that fit with the desired lifestyle of a growing family and to focus on those aspects during your showings. Every family needs nearby necessities, a secure and safe environment for the kids, and space outdoors for playtime and fresh air.

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