Advanced Tenant Screening: 3 Ways to Make Sure You Get Better Tenants

It is always worth it to be rigorous when it comes to screening potential tenants because quality tenants become long-term tenants, and long-term means more profit for the owner. Here are 3 simple, yet highly overlooked tactics for screening candidates better.

  1. Check Social Media 

This seems obvious in today’s world but most owners only briefly glance at a candidate’s Facebook or Instagram page. Be thorough and cross reference the job information and personal details your candidate wrote on their rental application with their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. LinkedIn, particularly, will give you a close look into the candidate’s work life and you will be able to clearly see if the information matches.

  1. Speak With 2 Previous Landlords

Often, when you call a candidate’s previous landlord for a reference, they speak highly of the candidate regardless of how they really feel. In most cases, the previous landlord’s mission is only to unload their tenant onto another landlord, so it is unlikely they will tell you the whole story. If you call the candidate’s 2nd previous landlord, however, you are likely to get a more realistic sense of the potential tenant because the 2nd previous landlord no longer has any investment in them.

  1. Use A Property Manager

Any landlord that has hired a Property Management Company agrees that there is no solution to screening candidates better than outsourcing to a PMC. We are rigorous about screening and we know how to get the right information to make the best choice. Don’t waste your time and effort guessing through applications and hoping you score with a quality tenant, this is what we do! At Performance Property Management, this is our passion.

It is well known in our industry that owners who outsource to a PMC never look back. We enforce a level of advanced screening that landlords simply cannot keep up with. It is our full time job to get you great tenants! Call us today and learn more about how to save time and money by outsourcing your tenant screening to us at Performance Property Management.