Curbing Bursting Pipes!

Over the course of the long family day weekend, Plumbers in Toronto have been receiving at least 30 service calls a day for frozen water pipe repair.

This experience can be a little bit of a nightmare, since every household type whether a condo, semi-detached or detached home can be a unique situation.

Much of this leads not only to the bursting of pipes, but creates destruction in your homes overall construction, the build and cause several irreparable damage to your belongings.

The end result causes structural damage in the form of cracks in various crevasses, which cause mould problems in the home.

The first question we ask is WHY ?

When water freezes, it’s molecules crystallize into an open hexagonal form which take up more space than when the molecules are in their liquid state – that is, the water expanding as it freezes.


  • When leaving home for long periods of time, leave the heat on. The fluctuation in cold to hot in the pipes is what stops the flow of water.
  • Each time you open and close your garage door, ensure that it is completely closed. This would apply to your front door, side door and back door as well as any screen door coverings in the home.
  • Leaving cabinet doors open under sinks will allow heat to flow beneath the sinks and warm pipes. Turn all faucets on from time to time and let them drip. A small drip is all you need from time to time to maintain the flow of water. If it is cold, keep the water dripping while you leave the house.
  • Knowing how to turn off your main water line will help present further damage. If a pipe freezes and breaks, the spill is limited only to the water in the pipe.
  • If you live in an older home built over an un-insulated crawl space – ensure you are turning up the thermostat. The increase in air temperature will flow through the crawlspace by projecting heat energy through the floor and throughout the space.
  • Disconnect and drain garden hose extensions surrounding the home.