• “We had 42 water main breaks in one day!” Lou Di Gironimo, of Toronto Water quoted in an interview back in February with CTV


  • The economic outlook for Canada in 2015 is stable. The Bank of Canada has projected GDP to grow by approximately 2.5 per cent, a rate that is roughly on par with 2014’s growth. Small increases in employment rates and wages are anticipated as well. Canada expects to welcome between 260,000 and 285,000 new permanent residents in 2015, which should positively impact the residential real estate market.


  • The recent municipal election has brought a feeling of stability to the city, which generally proves well for local real estate. With political stability and the city getting set to be showcased by the 2015 Pan AM Games, pent-up demand may result in strong price appreciation in the latter portion of 2015. The luxury market will continue to display strength, as buyers are comfortable.