Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially arrived! Are you ready? After the torrential cold we experienced in February is it time to put our best food forward – de-clutter, re-organize and store all of much of the clothing we were layering up in over the course of the winter season.

Moving forward it is a good idea to take each room one at a time – and clean your way through your home for the month of April. For many, this may be easier by day and other may complete the clean sweep through a weekend. The end goal is to have your entire home clean and inviting – to ring in the new growth season.


Set a start date for your first room – and an end date for the entire home

  1. Showcase your work – take some before and after images to see your progress – look to various Blogs / Pinterest / Instagram for inspiration.
  1. Make a list of problem areas in your home – start at the entrance of your home walk through your home and list all problematic areas – it could range from replacing a light bulb to a number of unworn shoes resting at the doorway.
  1. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone – when referring to your list, if any supplies need to be purchased to get the job done – LIST IT.

E.g. – light bulbs, Swiffer pads, bleach etc.

  1. Do not try to do everything at once – the idea behind the clean up is to tackle one space at t a time. Make sure you complete each task before running into the next one.

E.g. – artwork that has yet to make it up onto the wall

  1. Take 5 – select 5 projects that will make the biggest difference in your home. May they be either very simple, or extremely complex. The overall point of this exercise is to take initiative and make for change to enjoy the growth season.
  1. Work at your own pace – take a break when you need to, and if you are feeling ambitious – every so little helps. Add an extra task to your list here and there – you will most definitely appreciate the results.
  1. Donations – Make a point to de-clutter, this is an excellent form of cleansing as well. It requires you to make a justification for specific things such as clothing (footwear included), kitchenware, home entertainment (dvd’s,cd’s and books) as well as household items. Box the items and contact local charities to see whether they pick up the goods or run them over to their local distribution centers.