How Property Owners Can Save Time, Money, and Frustration With Performance PM

As a property management company we work with a lot of homeowners to help reduce the amount of stress and time it takes for them to manage a property on their own. This is why at Performance Property Management, we handle every task for only 5% of your tenant’s monthly rent.

Here is what we can help you do:

  1. Save Time

Getting your time back will be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Outsourcing to us means countless hours now free to spend with family, friends or working on other projects you actually enjoy. If you don’t need to answer emails from tenants, why would you? That’s our job.

  1. Save Your Sanity

Managing tenant personalities, appliance meltdowns, rent chasing, property marketing and candidate screening can feel like an Olympic sport. There are so many moving parts and so many variables; stress and frustration are inevitable. These are the challenges we deal with every hour of every day so we can take these daunting tasks off of your hands.

  1. Save Money

If you are a frugal owner, handling your own property management doesn’t actually save you money. If it takes you 10-20 hours a week to handle all of your property management tasks, then how much is it really costing you above what you think you are “saving”? Remember, time is money and your time is more valuable.

At Performance Property Management we can help you save time, money and frustration so that you don’t miss any fine details when it comes to managing your property and tenants. We can help you stay organized and ensure your tenants are cared for 24/7. Contact us right now at and let’s get started.