3 Easy Tips to Make Your New Tenant Feel Welcome

Tenants that feel comfortable and cared for when they first move into their new home cause less issues. First impressions are everything, and if your tenant’s first impression of you and your property is positive, they will respect your rules and your property. Here are 4 easy tips to make your new tenant feel welcome.


  1. Make Sure Your Property is Thoroughly Clean

When preparing your property to show to potential new tenants, you must clean until the home is sparkling! Although someone may be willing to rent your property in less than clean conditions, once a tenant moves in and starts to really look around, they are going to see what you missed. This sets up low expectations for the new tenant about the property and about you as a landlord. If it’s not clean, do you really care about your property?


  1. Make Sure Your Tenant Has ALL the Necessary Information

Just because you’ve been calling and emailing with your new tenant, don’t assume that means they have your contact information. Provide the tenant with a list of ALL necessary information and contact details for any company or any person they may need to be in touch with.

Include email and phone contact info for yourself and/or the Property Management Company that will be representing you, the building manager, the concierge desk, utility companies and for bonus points, add the location of the closest grocery store, coffee shop, and visitor parking lot. New tenants will love you for this!


  1. Give Your New Tenant a Gift Basket

For $20 or $30 out of pocket, you can ensure your tenant feels welcome and appreciated. Put together a welcome basket with a few rolls of toilet paper, some essential cleaning products, and a gift card to a local Tim’s or Starbucks. We guarantee your new tenant will never have experienced this level of gratitude from past landlords.

It’s not a lot of extra work or money to make sure your new tenant feels appreciated and welcome in your rental property. The benefit to both parties is a positive experience and less issues during the lease. All this, for simply going the extra mile!