Spring Balcony Preparation

Having a balcony can come with several benefits – the single biggest being, outdoor space without having to take an elevator or stairs downstairs to get a breath of fresh air. Simply opening a balcony door can allow for fresh air circulation throughout a unit as well.

Even with the weather in Canada limiting the balcony season, many condo dwellers can use their balcony from early spring into late fall. As Canadians, we know that we will do anything to stretch the outdoor patio season, the same holds true for balconies. The snow has disappeared, winter gear is being stored away – most definitely time to reset your home for another season. Just like any other home, your condominium requires some love, attending and T.L.C as well. Keep in mind this is all in preparation for the return of patio weather and terrace season.

  1. Clean out the balcony tracks

Along the edge of all balconies, typically lies a finishing strip of metal that should be checked each spring. Remove any debris that may become lodged between your balcony door and metal threshold. This will prevent any water from entering your suite and ensure it flows property in the drain, away from your home.

  1. Fan Coil Filter

Depending upon lifestyle your fan coil filters should be changed every 3 months. Homes with animals, smokers, and those with environmental sensitivities may need to change their filters more frequent.

  1. Window check

Many people over-crank their windows, which results in not being able to close them again. If this happens, contact your owner, property management office to make arrangements for the repairs associated to the window.

  1. Balcony Railings

To restore balcony railings, which may have rusted up to their former shiny glory, you can first clean the surface using a wire brush. An old household remedy is to remove the rust using hot water and lemon juice. However, this option is not very long-lasting. To counteract rust in the long term, you can paint rust primer onto the rusty areas and then give the railings two coats of paint.

Keeping in mind is important to always to always make sure that you treat, floors, railings and furniture with environmentally friendly products with a TÜV seal, particularly if there are children and animals in the house.