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Everyone has different desires and specifications when it comes to purchasing or renting their new home. Realtors are constantly hearing “I want” in regards to the home with the buyers/ renters focusing on things that can be changed. It is always important that when we look at that special new home we direct our energy and concentration to the unchangeable details such as walls or dimensions. Below we discuss some of the desires and items that should be on kept a close eye on when finding the next place to call home. Some of these points are also useful to note when looking for an investment property or to increase future sale value.

Upgrades: Easy fixers can range from painting your cabinet kitchen cupboards white, installation of French doors to update and open up a space on a budget.

Aesthetics: Renters and buyers tastes are not universal, therefore is it important to emphasize brightness with lots of white. The finishes and furniture should also appeal to the masses by remaining neutral even if it is not ‘your thing’.

Decorators Fee: Consultations by an interior designer can range from an hourly rate to a flat fee of up to $2,500 roughly depending upon the designers overall experience and size of the space in question. The bill can be off-putting but often includes extras like a customized floor plan, storyboard including floor plan, swatches of fabric and paint chips. It is always good to do your research and find someone in-sync with your style who truly understands your vision which can be replicated through the output and finished product. Once a budget has been discussed, then let the designer do the work, always remember your happiness at the top of their list.

Dimensions: It is always important to scrutinize the size of the property, do not get distracted by the furniture and décor. Too often we hear about clients who purchased marvelously stages homes then become disappointed when they enter the property, fill it with their furniture and it appears much smaller. Have a look out of all of the windows – are you looking into a parking lot? Always, book a second visit to take measurements, even bring someone else along for a second opinion.

Financials: Have your financials in order before you even start to look for a new home. Everything should be in order so your bank account looks lucrative, and you meet the financing conditions. Know your limit and stay within it, weigh the pros and cons of the move against your monthly budget and constants.